The Different Dinosuars of Switch and Go Dinos Brand

Many people are interested with Switch and Go Dinos. These products are offered by VTech company. Most of them come with LCD screen for offering customized animations. You are able to enjoy the 2-in-1 playing experience. It is very easy to play with these dinosaurs.

Before you buy the best item for yourself, you need to compare some available products. You need to learn about the different kind of Switch and Go Dinos. These products are popular among many customers these days. There are many good reviews that come from other customers. Most people love playing with these dinos from VTech.

Just a few of VTech's Switch and Go Dinos

1. Commander Clade Velociraptor

It is one of the most popular dinosaurs from this series. This toy can switch between powerful velociraptor and search helicopter. This toy comes with elegant light brown color that shows the strength of this velociraptor. You can press its trigger button, in order to make propeller spin and great helicopter sound effect. It also has LED search light that is very interesting for most kids today.

2. Cruz the Spinosaurus

When you want to choose a cute toy for your kids, you can consider buying this dino. It is one of the smartest dinos in this series. This dinosaur is quick and clever, so you can move this toy very quickly. You can push this dino to charge up its wheels. When you press its talk button, you can hear fun phrases from Cruz. This toy can also produce dinosaur and incredible car sound effects easily.

3. Fray the Ankylosaurus

This is another popular dino in this series. You can watch this toy race away with other dinosaurs. It is very easy to convert this dino to become regular car. Don't forget to press its talk button to learn about any dinosaur facts from this toy. This dino comes with beautiful orange color. This color is very attractive for most children these days.

4. Horns the Triceraptors

Some children love this dino. This dino is tough and strong because he has strong horns on his head. It is very easy to switch this dino into regular car. This toy comes with elegant and cute blue color. Your kids will be very happy to play with this fun toy. Its LCD screen is able to display the dinosaur's eyes.

5. Spur the Stegosaurus

This toy is able to switch between speedy race car and fierce stegosaurus. This dino is very powerful because he has spiky plates on his back. His powerful tail is able to sway and swing for preventing any enemies. This electric dino is always armored, so he is ready for any battles.

6. Stompsalot the Amargasaurus

This is another recommended dino that you should buy from VTech. This toy is able to transform from hot rod vehicle into cool amargasaurus. This dino is well-known for his long spiny neck and strong body. He is ready to defend his kingdom from any enemies. You can join him on his formidable adventure.

There are some recommended dinosaurs that you should buy from the Switch and Go Dinos series. There are many other dinos that are offered by this brand. You can select the best toy that you love easily.


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