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VTechDinos.com has recently become fans of Switch and Go Dinos produced by children’s consumer electronic goods manufacturer VTech, and have developed this website to help customers learn about VTech Dinos, and pick the toy best suited to their children’s needs and tastes.

At its simplest level, the VTech Switch and Go Dinos are a range of toys for children that represent dinosaurs such as the Triceratops, Velociraptor and Gigantosaurus. However, these dinos come with a twist – they each transform into a modern-looking vehicle, such as a car, helicopter and jet plane, offering twice the entertainment for your dollars.

In most cases the vehicle reflects the dinosaur in question; for example one Velociraptor turns into a helicopter.

Each Switch and Go Dino offers unique play features once transformed into vehicle mode, with twist and go propulsion available in car models, and a range of associated sounds accessed via buttons on the dino itself. 

The toys also feature LCD screens that can be used to display customized animations to enhance your child’s play experience. 

There are seven Switch and Go Dinos available in total. Each dino features unique sounds, and aim to educate children about dinosaurs with a range of facts related to the species.

VTech has produced educational children’s toys for over 30 years, and we at VTech Dinos are proud to call ourselves fans of the company’s Switch and Go Dinos. Although our site is not directly affiliated with VTech, and so is not selling Switch and Go Dinos directly, we hope the information on here helps you to choose a dino that’s right for you and your child.

Please note that, because some of the content on our site comes direct from Amazon Services LLC, we have no control over the wording or any future amendments to the descriptions. Content may also be removed at any time without notice, subject to Amazon’s terms and conditions.

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